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READ THIS INFO: I will be ordering more fabric, and I should have it around the end of November at the latest. The amount of fabric I order will be based off of the amount of people who purchase this collar. If you are wanting this collar, purchase it asap so I can get it to you in time for Christmas. 

all collars are custom to your dog.

our full slip collars are made with full grain, vegetable tanned leather, solid brass hardware, and high quality, heavyweight velvet fabric. this fabric is printed using eco-friendly, water-based ink. 


*due to the characteristics of the fabric, pattern placement may vary depending on size and width selected


P.S. I will always do my best to display product colors accurately, however color variation can occur due to difference in screen settings (calibration differences, screen brightness, etc).


collar care - 


spot clean as needed with cool water and mild soap. lay out to dry.


condition regularly using mink oil or something similar. try to avoid submerging the leather in water.



these collars are NOT meant for dogs that are hard pullers, and they should NEVER be left on your dog unattended. 

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